Severed Soul; One Woman's Journey Through Post Traumatic Stress

Author J.L. Vallee

Between the trauma from car accidents, emotional abuse, and death, Amy Howard begins to unravel in shock of flashbacks from a shattered life. How far will Amy go to keep her sanity? What force will keep Amy safe? Life is going to take her for a ride that includes deceit, pornography, adultery, abuse and the grief of the worst betrayal ever. The last chapter includes reflections and resources about Post Traumatic Stress.

The release of this book will help people understand Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. People will be able to feel Amy's pain and understand the cause and effect of trauma and abuse. Domestic Violence issues and Spirituality are also woven into this novel through the twists and turns of Amy's story. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a haunting, silent scream, in a sound mind. This is a survival story and a story that may challenge you to question the issues of Post Traumatic Stress that it is a human illness; it has no prejudice on age, race, or gender.

As a reader you will feel the brokenness of Amy's spirit, the eternal terror she experienced and her soul severed as she reaches for hope.

"Severed Soul; is a book of trauma, determination, despair and pure revelation. This book will open your eyes as well as fill your heart with the author's amazing story-telling style. Excellent information and resources about PTSD told in a way that you can relate to no matter what your trauma. I couldn't stop reading and I have my fingers crossed that there will be a sequel."
Monique Houde, Author, Blinded By Love

"Severed Soul; reaches into the despair of abuse. Sadly, there are wounded souls that suffer from such tragedy on a daily basis. For a book like this to be written, is a call for repair in the heart of those who search for help."
D. Dodge, Writer, Director, J.L. One Productions.