Severed Soul is a poignant snap shot of what happens to those who are in a relationship with a pathological individual. The outcome is always inevitable harm through PTSD. Readers will come to understand not only the trauma from an abuser who clearly has psychopathic traits, but how existing PTSD can be worsened through exposure to abusers. Our judicial and mental health systems co-jointly also lend their own trauma through not recognizing the abuser’s existing pathology. Many kudos’ to JL for her ability to heal under such grueling and cruel circumstances. She gives hope that PTSD is survivable and thrivable!

Sandra L. Brown, M.A.
CEO The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction
Author of “How to Spot a Dangerous Man’ and ‘Women Who Love Psychopaths’
The Institute’s Safe Relationships Magazine
An online educational magazine for professionals in psychology, psychiatry, criminal justice, and the survivors of relationships with pathologicals – psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, and borderlines.

Severed Soul; is a book of trauma, determination, despair and pure revelation. This book will open your eyes as well as fill your heart with the author’s amazing story-telling style. Excellent information and resources about PTSD told in a way that you can relate to no matter what your trauma. I couldn’t stop reading and I have my fingers crossed that there will be a sequel.
Monique Houde, Author, Blinded By Love

Severed Soul; reaches into the despair of abuse. Sadly, there are wounded souls that suffer from such tragedy on a daily basis. For a book like this to be written, is a call for repair in the heart of those who search for help.
D. Dodge, Writer, Director, J.L. One Productions

Ms. Vallee should be applauded for her valiant endeavor to bring awareness not only to ptsd but to spousal abuse within a marriage as well as a divorce. Most people are only aware of the affects of ptsd as a result of cataclysmic circumstances. As Ms. Vallee points out in her book, this disorder can result from the trauma of a car accident or an occurrence which happens during our daily “normal” lives. With heart wretching honesty she tells her story of living with ptsd and going through a painful divorce filled with deception and underhandedness. Her story is not uncommon. I hear it repeatedly from my clients. I highly recommend this book not just to those who have walked Ms. Vallee’s walk, but also to anyone who has been affected by pain and hitting rock bottom. Ms. Vallee gives us all hope for happiness.

Anna L. Raimondi
Author: Talking to the Dead in Suburbia

Being a survivor of PTSD and Domestic Violence I felt as though I was on this journey throughout the entire book. As I was reading, it sparked familiar emotions I had felt going through my own trauma. Not only did I feel the familiar emotions of being a victim but it also made me step outside myself as a man and look at my own behaviors. I feel that this would be a very valuable, therepeutic Book for not only Victims of Trauma, but also for the Predators that prey among Woman and see how this not only effects the Victims but everyone that loves them…You have done an Excellent Job JL!

By Jim Savage, VVA 554

Recently I had an opportunity to listen to “Severed Souls” author Janice L. “JL” Vallee speak to a group of 25 Vietnam veterans about PTSD and her PTSD. So at the close of the hour and half presentation, I bought her 156 page book published by Westminster Info Press and read it over a couple of days. As she explains it, “”PTSD is the normal reaction of a normal person to abnormal circumstances”. In detail, Ms. Vallee describes her experience of dealing with PTSD. She explains what it was like to live everyday in a hell, consumed by real fear and irrational fear. “Between the trauma from car accidents, emotional abuse, and death…” Severed Soul will take you into the world of PTSD.

The author volunteers to speak to veterans groups and churches and to help veterans at the Gardner MA Outreach Center but is not a veteran. However, this daughter of a retired military man and ex-wife of a National Guardsman , seems to know a whole lot about it and to experience similar reactions that many veterans with PTSD know. With this appreciation, she dedicated her book to several people including the members of the Chapters of the Vietnam Veterans of America.

We know that abusive relationships by men towards their wives can do tremendous damage to their “soul.”
Most veterans are aware of PTSD’s tremendous cost to the American veterans budget but many are not aware of many ways that this illness permeates their lives and those around them. “Severed Souls” should awaken men to become more sensitive towards their families.

This is a survival story about how PTSD, once thought to be a condition suffered only by soldiers brutalized and ravaged by war, can affect men and women who have found themselves in traumatic situations. People who are in abusive relationships are just as likely to suffer from PTSD as soldiers are, according to studies released by the National Institute of Mental Health.

As she describes her espousal abuse, both physical or emotional abuse can cause PTSD. In relationships abuse could be the worst torment of them all since she was involved with someone who professes to love her, yet belittled her mind, body and soul. While we all know that most physical damage scars go away, but emotional scars do not. She describes an abuser as “a predator, a bully, a minimizer, someone who foams vulgar words, making the victim feel crazy. What is next? Always on edge and afraid. Then the abuse comes. Are you ready? Or is it again shock and awe and the victim is caught off guard?”

At times we think people quickly identify Vietnam Veterans with PTSD and with good reason. While there are varying figures, the statistics for PTSD are staggering: 5.2 million adults ages 18 and older have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder in a given year. An estimated 15 percent of Vietnam veterans are currently experiencing PTSD after the war, and other studies claim that 31 percent of all war zone veterans will experience the disorder in their lifetimes. So vets are pretty good experts in knowing this hidden dragon within many of their souls. Other studies have shown that about 30% of veterans, 45% of battered women, 50% of sexually abused children, and 35% of adult rape victims are likely to suffer from PTSD at some point in their lifetime.

PTSD invades the mind and the five senses. According to the National Center for PTSD at the US Department of Veteran Affairs, `the condition is associated with a number of neurological and physiological changes.’

While many victims know they have it, some people have no idea what is wrong with them. It is a silent haunting. The ones that do not know they have it, have masked the disorder with other substances, such as abusing drugs and alcohol. Or they have isolated themselves from people including family. Numbness in the mind and body, it is almost like going into shock and never coming out of it. Imagine being so frightened and horrified that your mind snaps and your system goes into auto pilot mode.

One’s reading will likely back a lot of memories from a Vietnam veteran’s marriage(s) since it is believed that our group have experienced a disorientate number of divorces. While veterans definitely relate to her story, you can see where the crazy feelings this writer experienced. How she lived like this in her home with her porno-addicted husband is shocking to know since the author is an active Christian church participant yet lived like this in her home.

Overall this work is a treasure trove of information regarding the care of souls. With such faith and courage to stand strong, she found that Only God could give her the strength to keep on plugging. As one of her ministers writes, “Severed Soul is a powerful, life changing story of one woman’s incredible journey through the deep, dark valley of despair and betrayal and God’s amazing faithfulness to deliver and heal her against all odds.”

Most of the attendees bought the book and spoke personally with her. As they left, they realized that they were not alone but there is help from others. Several planned to continue to communicate with her through her face book, myspace, twitter and other discussion- information web sites. Severed Souls helps Vietnam Veterans especially with their homelife and how they treat their wives.